Literary Camp in Balatonfüred


Kortárs journal holds a summer professional camp in Balatonfüred between 22nd and 24th August.

Four workshops will be held during these three days in Füred: a lyric workshop (led by Krisztián Tóbiás), a literary translation workshop (led by Zoltán Jeney), a prose workshop (led by László Szilasi) and a criticism workshop (led by Nikoletta Szekeres).


Public programs of the camp:

Monday, August 22nd  

20.00 Conversation with Tibor Zalán

Moderator: Attila Thímár

Tuesday, August 23

17.00 Presentation of contemporary issues

20.00 Conversation with Béla Markó

Moderator: Györgyi Pécsi

Wednesday August 24th

17.00 Tempevölgy issue presentation

20.00 Conversation with Edina Szvoren

Moderator: Nikoletta Szekeres

The events will take place in the garden of Szent Benedek Secondary School and College in Balatonarács. Entrance is free.


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