This Year’s Sitka Rock Festival Will Be Held This Weekend


Ossián, Rudán Joe, Magdi Rúzsa, Lord, Pokolgép, Moby Dick, I’m Dorothy, the Koral Tribute Band and Karpátia will also perform on August 26th and 27th at the Sitke Rock Festival, István Morgós, mayor of Sitke village announced.


He said that this year, at least six thousand people are expected to come to the side of Hercseg Hill, in the neighborhood of the Sitke chapel. The first concert was organized at the initiative of Balázs Fecó, the former frontman of the Korál to save the chapel.

István Morgós also spoke about the inauguration of the memorial plaque and relief of the Kossuth and Ferenc Liszt prize-winning musician, who died in November 2020, at the chapel on Friday at 6:30 p.m., which is the work of sculptor Tamás Gaál from Sárvár.

Of course, the income from the concert will be used for the maintenance of the chapel and for charitable purposes this year as well – the mayor added.


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