Kabóca Puppet Theater in Veszprém to Have Five Premiers This Season


Kabóca Puppet Theater in Veszprém is preparing for this season with five new shows, among other things, folktale adaptations and street theater performances are on offer – the theater’s director said at a press conference in Veszprém on Wednesday.

András Szőke Kavinszki said that they have already presented the first production of the season, the play “Time of Outlaws – Dumplings, Stukker Recharged” directed by László Rumi. The protagonist of the play is Sobri Jóska, an outlaw from Bakony, who participates in comical court scenes and chase actions throughout the story.

On October 28th, the performance featuring circus elements called Nyakigláb artists on stage, also directed by László Rumi, will be presented, in which the audience can also see giant puppets.

The Hungarian folk tale Csalimese will have its premiere on January 22nd, which will be one of the opening events of the Veszprém-Balaton European Capital of Culture Program series directed by Péter Varsányi.

On June 4th, the performance entitled “The Legend of St. Margaret” will be presented, the venue of which will be the St. Margaret’s ruins located in the iconic square of the city. The director of the production will be Géza Kovács.

As the last presentation of the 2022/23 season, the Maxicirculádé production, directed by Miláda Boráros, will be presented to the public on July 30th. The venue of the performance will be the circus tent set up in the Séd Valley for the Kabóciádé Family Festival.


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