The GVH imposed a maximum fine on the Elf Bar online store advertising electronic cigarettes


The Economic Competition Authority (GVH) imposed the highest possible fine of almost HUF 70 million on the Slovakian online store selling the Elf Bar product for illegally advertising electronic cigarettes to Hungarian consumers – the authority told MTI.

Last summer, the national competition authority launched an investigation against two Slovak companies after they sold e-cigarettes and Elf Bar products, which are popular among minors and therefore particularly dangerous, in their Hungarian-language online stores.

The first investigation to be concluded established that Yzer s.r.o. “v likvidácii” – previously known as Vaper s.r.o. – company deceived consumers because it created the impression that the products of its online store can be sold legally.

The competition authority considered as an aggravating circumstance that the unfair practice also targeted vulnerable target groups – such as young people and minors – and that the company violated clear sectoral regulatory prohibitions, and that the products could cause serious health risks.

For the violation, a fine of HUF 68.1 million was imposed, the legal maximum for the company’s annual sales revenue, and the company was prohibited from continuing its conduct.

In the announcement, attention is drawn to the fact that in Hungary the Internet distribution and online purchase of the above products are illegal.

“Consumers should not fall for online stores that give the appearance of legal trading, and should not order such products either from Hungary or abroad”

– says the GVH in its announcement.



Photo: Facebook/ Elf Bar Official

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