Water Use Has Been Restricted in Spain


Due to drought, the autonomous government of the Spanish province declared a state of emergency and introduced water restrictions in more than 200 Catalan settlements on Thursday, reports MTI.

“We have never faced such a long drought since rainfall measurement has existed,” said Catalan President Pere Argonés. In Catalonia, in the last three years, much less rain fell in the region than the usual average, and the level of water reservoirs fell below 16 percent.

In the first emergency phase, which affects about six million people and takes effect from Friday, the total amount of water entering the settlement tank will be reduced to 200 liters per person per day. On the other hand, the population is asked to strive to use less than this, an average of 90 liters per day. If the situation worsens, the strictness may also increase, and the permitted amount will be reduced by another 20 liters per phase.

They can use 80 percent less water in agriculture, 50 percent less water in animal husbandry, and 25 percent less water in industry in the next period. The filling of fountains, artificial lakes, irrigation, water cleaning of streets, home car washing and filling of swimming pools will be prohibited. Exceptions are swimming pools of sport clubs and therapy pools. Irrigation of sports fields is permitted with recycled or ground water, but in return the use of showers must be restricted to a greater extent. Local governments can take additional measures under their own authority, for example on reducing water pressure.




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