Spanish Film Days start today

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Apollo Cinema is hosting the Spanish Film Days and the Spanish Movie Night this week in Debrecen. From 12th of April until 16th of April 9 films will be on the screen.

The Spanish films will start at 18 o’clock on every day from 12th to 15th of April in the Small Hall of the Apollo Cinema.

The program of the Film Days is the following:

12th of April, 18 o’clock
The Milk of Sorrow (La teta asustada), 2009, Spain-Peru, subtitles
Director: Claudia Llosa; Cast: Magaly Solier, Susi Sánchez
Young director Claudia Llosa (Madeinusa) has won the Golden Bear and a dozen of other prizes around the world for her second work, The frightened tit, its original Spanish tittle.

Though the plot itself may seem awkward, the movie is a group of 95 minutes rich and beautiful images. The pearls, the potato, the dog, the wedding, the impoverished suburban Lima, everything is accurately directed and carefully thought by Ms. Llosa.

Fausta (outstanding Magaly Solier) is suffering from The frightened tit, an illness that she caught through her mother’s breast-milk since she was raped in her pregnancy during the 1980s and 90s guerrilla and terrorism in the Andes. Now in Lima, Fausta is afraid, she’s put a potato in her vagina in other to protect her from raping, and after her mother dies she finally has to deal with the real life and face her fears,starting to work in a high- class house as a made.

13th of April, 18 o’clock
Chef’s Special (Fuera de carta) 2008, Spain, subtitles
Romantic Spanish Comedy

Director: Nacho G. Velilla starring Javier Cámara, Lola Duenas

Maxi is convinced that he is having a perfect life: he is a famous chef and the owner of a successful restaurant in Madrid. He is openly gay. But tweo things are going to change his life.

14th of April, 18 o’clock

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) 2007, Spain-Mexico, horrror film, subtitles
Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona
The plot centers on Laura, who returns to her childhood home, an orphanage. Laura plans to turn the house into a home for disabled children, but a problem arises when she and Carlos realize that Simón believes he has a masked friend named Tomás with whom he will run away. After an argument with Laura, Simón is found to be missing.

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