Trees were stolen

Local News Police

Police immediately responded to the call when a citizen noticed them that somebody
chopping trees in a wooden area in Mihaly Nagy area of Debrecen on 15th of October.

The announcement claimed that unknown perpetrators stealing timber repeatedly in the last couple of days from a privately owned wooden area between the main road 4 and Hajduszovat road.
On Friday, October 15, they saw three persons on the ground, as they were cutting and transporting the trres using a small tractor connected with a trailer.

The arriving police officers followed the traces of the perpetrators when raised the suspicion that they delivering the trees to a nearby farm.
The police appeared at the ranch, where they found several piles of wood, wood chips have been found excep the vehicle. The three persons residing in a remote area of the site during the hearing admitted that during the last two days they cut the trees that and they transported to the ranch. One of them also admitted that they hid the small tractor and a trailer laden with timber behind a building from the approaching police patrols.

The offender cut an approximately 10 m3 of timber, worth around 110,000 forints.

Against the three men Police launched a theft procedure.

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