Armed robbers at the High Court

Local News Police

Three robbers took part in an armed robbery in Edeleny city three years ago. The result is 13.5 years imprisonmnet in total for armed robbery.

They had to stood and hear the verdict from the Court of Appeal of Debrecen on 22 of November. Their booty was more than 5.2 million HUF. Robbers knew that several millions of forints available at the office of an Edeleny law firm. They attacked when the real estate buyers counted money in the presence of an employee. One of them entered into the office and grabbed the money but he was getting involved in a fight with the people inside so just been able to take 5.2 million Huf from the 9 million Huf cash. This person already received the verdict from the court and now his three companions had to answer questions and face the verdict.

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