New Kindergarten Can Be Built in Bakonysárkány

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A new kindergarten for 80 children can be built in Bakonysárkány with an investment of HuF 360 million, with the support of the Regional and Settlement Development Program – the mayor of the Bakonysárkány told MTI.

The number of inhabitants in the village of Komárom-Esztergom county is constantly increasing, the population of the village has increased by almost a hundred in ten years. The current kindergarten would be ideal for raising 40 children, but with an official license the current number of the children in the village’s kindergarten is 60.

The institution is housed in a former village mansion, the building is shared between the kindergarten and the lower grades of the primary school, which is attended by 180 children. With the construction of the new kindergarten, school classrooms will be created in currently empty rooms as well.

The investment will be implemented in the center of the settlement. In the two-wing building, a new kindergarten with enough space for a three kindergarten groups will be built with a gym and the necessary service rooms, a doctor, a teacher and a heating kitchen.

Children attend the Bakonysárkány kindergarten from the nearby village of Aka and Felsődobos in Fejér County, too, so due to this development, the conditions of many young children from several settlements will improve at the same time – the mayor explained.




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