Bear traces were found in an unexpected place in Hungary

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István Csutka reported in his blog Camino Steve that he found suspicious clues in the Balaton Uplands.

As he writes, he found bear footprints on the forest road near Balatonhenye on the route of the National Blue Tour diverted at Balatonhenye (due to a NER villa – ed.).

It is quite a shocking experience to find such a trail at Lake Balaton, as everyone has only discovered in the forests of Bükk, Mátra, Börzsöny and Zemplén that a bear had visited it before. And so far no bear has ventured so far and especially in this direction through the green corridors. Of course, they are able to cover huge distances in a fairly short time, and on top of that, the section of the Blue Tour now guided by it was a barely used path before, so no one could be very disturbed if even the Forest Park’s foresters and staff didn’t show up unexpectedly.


In addition to the larger trail, there is also a smaller one, so there is a chance that a mother bear and a baby bear will visit the Balaton Uplands.

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