Reeds Burn on Hundreds of Hectares at Kis-Balaton and Around Keszthely

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Until Sunday evening, an area of ​​300-350 hectares has burned down near Sármellék, south of main road no. 76, in the area of ​​Kis-Balaton, the spokesman of the Zala County Disaster Management Directorate reported.


According to Zsolt Kósi’s report, the flames destroyed undergrowth, reeds and small wooded areas, too. Professional and voluntary firefighters from seven settlements in Zala, Somogy and Veszprém are working to put the fire out.

Disaster management forces are present on the site with 13 fire trucks and swamps, but the soil conditions and strong winds in the swampy area make their work significantly more difficult.

The spokesman added that due to the smoke, the mobile laboratory for disaster management also carried out on-site measurements, but no pollutants were released into the air in excess of the limit value.

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