Train Accident in Balatonfüred

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Yesterday, one person was taken to hospital with serious and four with minor injuries after a locomotive crashed into a passenger train in Balatonfüred.


180 people were traveling on the train, and it is not known how the accident happened. A 70-year-old woman is seriously injured.

Mávinform reported that an accident had occurred on the North-Balaton line in Balatonfüred at 1:38 p.m. on the Vízipók InterRégó train number 19714, which departed from Déli Railway Station to Balatonfüred at 11:30 a.m. Another locomotive reversing at the station collided with the locomotive of the train heading to Balatonfüred. Due to the investigation, replacement buses transported passengers on the section between Alsóörs–Balatonfüred–Aszófő instead of trains.

There was also a train accident on Sunday, between Biatorbágy and Herceghalom.

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