Here is the Cold Front, Huge Temperature Contrast in the Country


The cold front has arrived in Hungary, a huge temperature contrast has developed in the country.


The cold front that arrived yesterday gave a significant amount of rainfall in Transdanubia, it is still raining in the southwest and south, while the clouds are clearing up faster than expected from the north. Accordingly, the temperature values ​​are also quite contrasting. To the east of the Danube, where the cold front has not yet swept away the warm air and the sky is clearing quickly, the temperature values ​​have been rising, measuring 16-19 degrees, while in Transdanubia the current temperature is around 12-14 degrees.

In the Trans-Tisza region it can still be 20 degrees today, but in the north-western part of the country we can expect values ​​around 15 degrees.

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