Expert: 6,000 people could die from the virus in Hungary this year if there are no restrictions


Balázs Rékassy, doctor, health economist, told ATV Híradó:

We really want the best for our society, and we want as few people as possible to be hospitalized, because international forecasts say that if Hungary continues on this path, another 6,000 deaths are expected this year.

Balázs Rékassy was the brainchild of a professional proposal in which, together with 13 renowned health experts, he asked the government to tighten up on current epidemiological measures.

Virologist: younger and younger people get sick, let’s wear a mask!

According to the health economist, vaccination is important, but he says the urge to vaccinate will not increase significantly. Immediate epidemiological measures would be urged for successful control.

According to Miklós Rusvai, the urge to vaccinate with the fact that there is an abundance of vaccines and the “vaccination protects” can no longer be increased, as it no longer affects people.

When entering any catering unit, even in a rural pub, one could only stay if we had a certificate of protection, it could even increase the level of vaccination by a few hundred thousand.

– said Miklós Rusvai.

He added:

the most important measures, in this order, are the vaccination, the wearing of masks and the requirement for a certificate of protection. This is followed by distance and adherence to hygienic rules such as regular hand washing and disinfection.

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