Frosty Weather to Arrive in the Country on Wednesday


On Monday, the sky may be cloudier for most of the day in the north-eastern half of the country, with rain and showers to be expected in a few places.

At the same time, the sun will shine for several hours in the western and southwestern regions, and dry weather is expected. The westerly wind picks up in the northern landscapes. The highest daytime temperature will be between 9 and 15 degrees, but it can be several degrees colder in the northeast. By late evening, the temperature will drop between 3 and 8 degrees. According to the weather forecast, the country will be covered on Tuesday, and behind the frontal system, a frosty air mass will arrive in the Carpathian basin on Wednesday: dry, cold air will flow in with strong, stormy gusts from the west. Maximums will remain below ten degrees during the day, and the air will feel even colder due to the wind. Thursday morning will be even colder, and on Thursday another frost is expected.

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