First Swallows Have Arrived in Hungary


A man from Nagykörű photographed the first three barn swallows at the fish ponds in the Tiszasüly area.

Tiszasüly is located in the county of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, and there are several fish ponds on the border of the settlement that are popular resting places for birds. A cool, windy day brought the first chirping swallows to tie River Tisza, wrote Árpád Rimóczi on the Facebook page of Tiszavilág Ecotours about the sighting on March 18th.

The ornithologist told the press that he was visiting the area of ​​the lakes for a duck survey when he saw the swallows flying over the water.

“Swallows are always the first to arrive at the waters when they come home to Hungary, because there are already enough flying insects here that serve as enough food for them. In a few weeks, they will go into the settlements, visit their nests or build new ones” – said Árpád, who added that their main food is already mosquitoes, of which there are certainly many specimens flying in the watery area, he himself swatted them while hiking.

“At this time, the swallows sleep clinging to the bent reeds and bushes, and will only come down to the ground to collect mud when building their nests” – added the birder, who lives in Nagykörű and has devoted himself to his hobby for forty years, and also collects data as a volunteer for the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association. He organizes tours, gives lectures, and organizes programs for schools related to environmental education and nature knowledge. “Based on my decades of observation, I can say that the first swallows always arrive at the beginning of March, first in the southern region, and then they appear further up. We cannot know for sure whether nesting birds or their companions traveling further north are now resting. By the way, the big dumping is expected in about two weeks” – pointed out Árpád Rimóczi.


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