Germany vs. Hungary 2:2


Although Captain Marco Rossi considers the 2-2 draw as a guest of Germany to be brilliant and maximally satisfied with his players, he is still disappointed, because the Hungarian national team was extremely close to advancing in the European Championship, which was partly held in Budapest.


“It seemed unbelievable and unthinkable that we could move on, but unfortunately even the most beautiful fairy tales don’t always have a perfect ending,” the Italian leader said. “Technically, we’re not the best team, but there are other aspects as well. For example, tactical considerations, or the way our players help each other, the way they fight in each match ”.

According to Rossi, the national team was able to play as a team, which was especially true for the defense. He added, he had to try things he had never done before because they had met the best in the world.

His colleague Joachim Löw also praised the heroically struggling Hungarian team: “We knew we wouldn’t have much territory, so when we were at a disadvantage, it was very difficult to equalize. And after the second goal, it took a very good mentality and team spirit to be able to equalize again” he said.



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