Meteorological service: the Hungarian Grand Prix promises to be exciting in terms of the weather

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True to tradition, this weekend’s Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix in Mogyoród promises to be exciting in terms of weather, the National Meteorological Service announced to MTI.

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Meteorologist Simon Gergő wrote in his forecast that on Friday, several hours of sunshine are expected in addition to the veil and the forming cumulus clouds. Cumulonimbus clouds may gather periodically, and there is a low probability that there may be showers in the afternoon, but significant precipitation is unlikely. The northeast and east winds mostly remain moderate. In the afternoon, the peak temperature will be around 34, 35 degrees Celsius, so expect heat.

On Friday night, however, a cold front will approach the Carpathian basin from the northwest, which will greatly – as he put it – “shuffle the decks” for Saturday’s time trials.

On Saturday, the cloud cover will gradually increase and thicken. Showery, thundery precipitation is expected in several waves at first, which will be replaced by periodic rain. There will be breaks in the precipitation from time to time, which, according to the meteorologist, will cause special difficulties for the teams in choosing the current strategies. The wind turns to the north-west, it sometimes picks up, especially during more intense showers or thunderstorms, it can temporarily strengthen. The maximum temperature is around 26, 27 degrees, but it can be cooler in case of persistent rainfall.

On Sunday, the cyclone that shapes the country’s weather and the associated frontal system will move away to the east. With rapidly moving cumulus clouds, several hours of sunshine are likely. There is a slight chance of brief showers from these cumulus clouds. The northwest wind, on the other hand, strengthens and becomes stormy. Strong, stormy gusts of wind may also occur during the competition, which – according to Simon Gergő – “can bring an extra twist”. The peak temperature is around 25, 26 degrees, but the strong northerly wind can significantly worsen the feeling of heat, he explained.

Overall, the meteorologist assessed: “once again, the storehouse of meteorological elements will be on display at the Hungarian Grand Prix”. Really warm, summer weather is expected on Friday, a marked front crossing with precipitation on Saturday, while the wind will cause excitement on Sunday – stressed Simon Gergő.

The 37th Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​expected to take place in front of a full house at the Hungaroring in Mogyoród. The deposit programs include Formula 2, Formula 3, and the current round of the W Series, the formula car series featuring only female drivers. There will also be a domestic starter in Formula 3, the fans can support László Tóth, the driver of the Charouz Racing System.

The F1 qualifying session will be held on Saturday at 4:00 p.m., and the 70-lap race will start at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

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