Full house in the shelters


Many homeless people moved into the shelters in the last couple of days due to the cold weather conditions. The cold with -10, sometimes -15 degrees celsius causing a one fifth rising in the usage of shelters.

These services working with longer opening hours between the crisis period (1st of november – 31st of march). Most of the homeless people turn up with frozen limbs.
In thefirst week of January when the weather was moderate 250 people were in the shelters daily. In these severe cold days this number goes up to 350/day. The staff of the Ecumenical Relief Organizationpatroling thestreetsproviding food, medicine and hot tea to those who are not able or do not want to go inside the shelters. An estimated 700 homeless are living inand outskirts of Debrecen, and 60 relief workers helping them.
Zsolt Szemerédy’s, head of the Refomix Llp, is talking about 500 homeless in Debrecen and its surrounding area. He and his co-workers patroling the streets and the Great Forest area 24/7.
They taking food, clothing and blankets to those 20 people who is living in plastic tents among trees.
The homeless relief organizations /in six houses and 20 heated containers/ can supply the housing up to 320 homeless people, but they never refuse if somebody needs.Homeless can also eat and have a bath in these places, and they can provide medical aid in their health centre. The medical staff consisted of 18 doctors and 2 nurses.