It’s snowing in the mountains, but the temperature could reach 20 degrees next week

It started snowing in Kékestető on Wednesday. The live camera image in the afternoon showed that some snow remained. However, the National Meteorological Service also said the weather would heat up again next week, it could be as high as 20 degrees Celsius in the second half of the week.

An interesting letter from Debrecen: healthcare workers can only rent out their properties with a permit

The heads of the departments of the clinical center of the University of Debrecen were warned in a letter that the employees of the new legal relationship may perform other gainful employment and remuneration activities only with the prior permission of the National Healthcare Service Center.

The number of new coronavirus infections in Hungary is over 1000

Eleven, mostly elderly, chronic patients have died and another 1141 Hungarian citizens have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection, said on Thursday, highlighting that 5,916,769 people have been vaccinated in Hungary so far, 5,689,371 of them got the second dose, 948 and a thousand have already received the third dose of the vaccine.